Online craps - The best winning strategies you should know

Craps is a very interesting game. You can either make awesome bets or end up making really bad ones that steal all your money. The difference lies in how you approach the bets. On newzealand-onlinecasino.com , you can play authentic craps online.

Here are some of the top craps bets

There are very few bets you can place on the Craps table that give you a really high odds of winning. While these bets usually have low to moderate payouts, they are chosen because they are low in risk.

The Pass Line bets

The pass line bets give you just four chances where you can lose. In all other instances, you will end up winning. This is the reason you will find many of the players placing bets on the pass line.

The Come bets

The Come bets are also very similar to the pass line bets. These give very little advantage to the house and you will win more times than you lose. This will help players break even with time.

  • Pass Line bets and Come bets have a house edge of 1.41%
  • These are low-risk bets and always safe to choose

What are some of the risky bets you should stay away from?

Now, the interesting thing about craps is that most of the bets fall under the 'high'-risk' category. This means that they have higher payouts than the pass line and come bets but you will not be winning as frequently.

If you have a very limited budget to play online craps or if you are playing purely for the entertainment factor of these games, then, high-risk bets may not work for you. Here are a few of such bets.

Horn Bets

The odds of winning horn bets are 5:1. When you place a horn bet, you bet that any of the numbers between 2, 3, 11, or 12 is rolled. When the dice rolls any of the other numbers, you lose.

Betting on a number

This is even riskier. You can bet for a specific number appearing or the combination of the numbers on the pair of dice producing the number. Here are some of the top such risky bets people make.

  • Betting on 2
  • Betting on 12
  • Any 7
  • Hi-Lo (betting on 2 or 12)
  • Yo bets (betting on 11)

Craps bet

In this bet, you make winnings if the dice rolls 2, 3, or 12 combinations. There are only 4 out of the 36 combinations that will guarantee you a win, the odds being 8:1. This is considered quite risky too


The Don't Pass and the Don't Come bets

These are two kinds of bets that also offer low-risk returns to players. These have the same house edge of 1.41% as the Pass Line and Come bets. However, they are not chosen much. Here is the reason why.

Why are Don't Pass and Don't Come bets not chosen by players a lot?

Though these two bets are equally good as the Pass Line and Come bets, betting on them means that you bet against the choices of all other players. When they all lose, you get to win the coins.

For this simple reason, these bets are often frowned upon on Craps tables when you play in physical casinos. This even truer when you play with friends or peers. With online craps games though, this is not a problem.

What are the house edges of the common bets people make?

Before you place any bet, you should know the house advantage of each of these bets. House advantage is the advantage or the benefit the gambling house or the website has when it comes to winning a game.

Most games are designed to give the house a bigger advantage. It makes sense to choose a bet that gives the lowest possible advantage to the house. This improves your winning odds. Here are some house edges for popular bets.

  • Pass Line, Come bets - 1.41%
  • Craps, Yo, betting on 3 bets -11.11%
  • Horn bets - 12.5%
  • Betting on 2 -13 to 14%
  • Any 7 bets -16 to 17%

The more the house edge of a bet is, the more is its payout. This means that when you are willing to take a risk, the winnings offered increase. Depending on what kind of player you are, choose the right bets.

Choosing the right casino to play online craps

Choosing the right casino to play the game matters as much as deciding on your bets. Unworthy casinos may have a flared system that always supports the house and you hardly get to win. These games also look graphically boring.

All websites you play online craps from needs to be licensed by some authentic board. This will ensure you can trust the system. You should also pick websites with higher payout frequencies (transferring your winnings quickly to your account).

Online gaming sites that have a dedicated customer support team is to be given preference over the others. This way, if you are stuck somewhere or have a doubt about the deposits made or winnings, you can reach them out easily.